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 Top twaalf platforms voor email marketing 
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Сообщение Top twaalf platforms voor email marketing
There are plenty of offers on the market: he will find the company that is convenient to contact without unnecessary actions. Benefits of an omnichannel service Chat2Desk combines the tasks of finding new customers, supporting current ones, and automating sales. 1. The platform works with a full range of popular messengers in Russia: WhatsApp, Viber, VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, online chat, Skype and WeChat. In addition, Yandex. Dialogs, e-mail and voice calls are connected to the service. In the arsenal - more than ten channels of communication with customers. Calls from all channels are collected in one window, and up to 1000 operators can process them.

Thanks to this organization of work: responses to B2C Email Lead requests will be of the same quality regardless of the channel; no call will be lost; operators can work in several shifts, which guarantees, if necessary, round-the-clock customer support. 3. Chatbots automate the processing of requests in those messengers where it is needed. And personalized scripts will expand the functionality of the platform in the most relevant area. 4. Auto funnels or sales tunnels are set up in messengers. These are a series of automatically sent messages that lead the customer who wrote to the purchase.


Moreover, auto funnels work in conjunction with chat bots and are easily adjusted depending on the client’s responses. 5. The quality of the operators' work is evaluated through ratings, which are automatically sent to users after the dialogue is completed. Feedback helps to adhere to a client-oriented approach and point-by-point correct errors that occur. 6. The omnichannel platform can integrate into CRM systems and collect customer data from all channels simultaneously. By combining user information from different sources, you create a well-rounded customer profile.

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